t-shirt design for threadless I did some time ago.
Didn’t do that well…

It was made in illustrator. And working with illustrator again made me think of a video my brother showed me recently: Bret Victor – Inventing on Principle http://youtu.be/PUv66718DII

I’m guessing the programmers of illustrator have a different philosophy when creating their software.
Although the results can be great. And vector art has many advantages, creating something with illustrator always feels like you’re dragging little handles around instead of doing something even remotely artistic. It’s like describing what you want your drawing to look like over a bad phone connection to a half-deaf Chinese kid on the other side of the planet who doesn’t speak English and doesn’t have any hands. In other words, a wee bit frustrating from time to time. And a big time waster. I’ve always wondered if it wouldn’t be better to rebuild software like illustrator or even better yet, 3D software like 3D studio max from scratch. There are so many ways of working that would be more intuitive than the way they do certain things.
But most people got used to the way it works (in a way, I did too. I’ve been using it since the 90ties) and never question it.
Shame, maybe that Bret Victor guy will make a vector program one day, can call it victor vectors.