In a far, distant past (until 2009 or so, don’t really remember), I used to DJ.
Dreams of parties, wild women, fast living, cocktails with paper umbrella’s, were slowly replaced by the dire reality of nerdish browsing for records day in day out, performing for no money in front of crowds that wanted to here whatever music it was you didn’t have.
It also sucked up vast amounts of time that I should have been spending drawing and doing other nerdish things.
And thus, I gave it all up.
But as Edith Piaf would say: ‘je ne regrette rien.’

Below are some of the mixes I made throughout the years. With the latest first.
Some of them were made for radio stations, others to promote parties. And some of them even for fun.


My monkey mix
“I stopped mixing almost a year ago. But I got tired of shuffling and fast forwarding through single tracks, so I went into the woods, caught myself a monkey, and made him mix some records for me.
It’s mostly house and techno with some weird shit in the end (probably because the tranquilisers were wearing off)”

November 2008 mix
Loads of hits, used on urgent radio station.
A bit too noisy for my own liking in the beginning, but it gets better 🙂

July 2008 mix
Made very fast, right before I left for dour festival
(I needed something to listen to in the car) I made the picture in the Dominican Rep.

May 2008 mix
I made this one on a bullettrain from kyoto to hiroshima, later remixed with EQ and a couple of tracks added.
I guess I wanted to proof that I could make a *serious* dj mix.
Strictly techhouse, techno and minimal

January 2008 mix
A bit incongruous, I know. But loads of nice tracks in there. And even one I made myself.
part 1:
part 2:

Mister Bunny/Monsieur Lapin/Meneer konijn mix
Still like this one. Loads of weird tracks, made as promo for one of my comic-stories.

April 2007 Elektribution mix
Promo for the 4th installment of our elektribution party.

December 2006 mix
Used on the studio brussel radioshow mishmash. It’s a lot of elektroclash hits and this mix made it clear to me that I should stop playing this and look for something new (or old, as it somethimes turned out to be).

August 2006 mix
The start of the chaos theory mixes!
First real ableton mix, loads of summery beats. Made for the summer of 2006

Finally, a mix from 2005, almost all elektrohouse tracks, mainly because of the venues we were playing at during those days.